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A WebQuest for Adult and Intermediate Students

Introduction :

Sometimes in our daily life, you need to invite someone or invited by someone to come in certain occasions, for example birthday party, wedding celebration, Christmas, Halloween party, etc. Wedding is the most important occasion for everybody when starting the new life. In order to make your guests interest to come to your wedding celebrations, you have to make it as interest as possible.


You are working in the Designing Department of ‘A Moment for Wedding’ a wedding agent offering wedding services. This company is based in Yogyakarta. You are assigned to promote the wedding services offer in your company by describing them as details as possible. Makes planning a day wedding celebration that is competitive. In principle, the package should offer extensive services.

1) Create a brochure about your company services, to be made available for the customers. The main information to be included in the brochure is: wedding services, invitation, decoration, food and beverages, documentation, make up, and entertainment. You can also include additional services of your own choice to add the value of your package.

2) Exchange your brochure with your friends and ask their opinion and criticism about your brochure. After you think it is enough, present your final brochure in front of the class.


• You will be working in a group of two. Search the information from websites the links of which are provided below. As you search the web pages, note down important information that you need for your brochure.

• Discuss and decide the kinds of wedding services, invitation, decoration, food and beverages, documentation, make up, and entertainment that you want to offer in your brochure. Keep your brochure competitive: low price but good quality.







• Now, you can arrange the information you have gathered, and start writing up your brochure.
• After the brochure is ready, prepare for the presentation in front of the class.


1. The brochure (total: 60 points)



Clarity (20 points)

choice of vocabularies and sentence structures

Accuracy (20 points)

Correct information based on the information at the suggested websites

Presentation (20 points)

Interesting layout with pictures and illustration

2. The oral presentation (total: 40 points)



Pronunciation (10 points)

correct pronunciation with good stress and intonation

Fluency (10 points)

the ideas from opening, body, and closing of the presentation

Body language (10 points)

Effective use of body language to attract the attention from the audience

Use of eye contact (10 points)

Effective use of eye contact to improve the presentation


You are now ready to offer your brochure. The next thing to think about is how the information of your offer can be accessed by prospective visitors. That would be your next task though.


I would like to thank to the owners or copyright holders of the following websites from which the resources of this webquest are cited:

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